Knowledge, Experience and Integrate Solutions

ITSEMAP with more than 25 years of experience, and recently was taken over by INERCO group, performing a wide range of services related to industrial safety, occupational and environmental risk prevention.

The main INERCO's commitment in Brazil is to advising your clients in the risk identification, analyses and assessment, regarded to their business, in a manner that specific solution can be implemented in order to minimize completely risk management.


Technical Team:

ITSEMAP/INERCO's professional stand out for:

  • Due to qualification and ongoing technical training which allow us to offer specific solutions to meet the costumers needs
  • Due to commitment to customer introducing them on our work, resulting in satisfaction of the highest expectations.
  • Due to the vast and proved experience, allow us to gather all the knowledge regarded to industrial site, process and companies activity.


Quality Guarantee

Our services are guaranteed based on our seriously and strictly commitment to work day-by-day.

ITSEMAP Brazil is certificated in the Quality Assurance System ISO 9001:2008.